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Building a School with BASF

We sponsored paints for Kim Dong Primary School in Hau Giang Province, Vietnam and also conducted a painting class together with BASF

Refurbishment of Park

We beautified a park with paints, planted trees as well as cleaned the park to provide a conducive space for the public to connect and relax in nature

Effect of Colours on Children

Together with the Ministry of National Education we developed a research educating the public on the psychological effects of colours on children

Safeguarding the Colour Turquoise

Developed a book which carries the cultural legacy of Turquoise, which is historically associated with Turkish culture, to future generations

Community Support

We supported the community financially and also donated paints, food parcels and hygiene kits

Refurbishment of Heritage Site

We refurbished a world heritage site, Gallipoli Peninsula where the Battle of Gallipoli was fought during the First World War in April 1915

Painters Training Academy

Through Filli Ustam Service, we provide professional paint training to interested individuals providing them with new new job opportunities

Protege Upskilling Training

We set out to empower and upskill interested individuals with painting skills to create more skilled individuals in the community

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