Our Achievements

We focus on using our business’ success to help improve the quality of life in countries where we operate. We are committed to growing community initiatives per United Nations’ Sustainable Development agenda. Our priority is to invest in localized programs and tackle socio-economic challenges across three key CSR pillars: Education, Empowerment, and Engagement. Our continued collaboration with local governments, business partners, and NGOs demonstrate the significance of our commitment beyond philanthropy.


We provide access to education that help children and youths of all ages advance their future by establishing a collaborative learning platform as well as art and colour educational programs.


We equip people with the skills and knowledge to empower themselves to overcome challenges within local communities by providing vocational empowerment, training and certification programs as well as facilitation of job opportunities.


We focus on two areas under the Engagement pillar: Health & Well-Being as-well-as Protection & Preservation.
Under the Health & Well-Being pillar, we provide COVID-19 prevention and relief, donations of anti-viral coatings as well as support for children and the elderly.
Under the Protection & Preservation pillar, we refurbish community spaces, safeguard cultural heritage sites, promote recycling of materials and tree planting.


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