Huawei Terminal Songshan Lake R&D Base

  • Project Name
    Huawei Terminal Songshan Lake R&D Base
  • Location
  • Business Segment
    Architectural Coatings (Professional Solutions)
  • Project Category
    Education and Research
  • Project Sub Category
    Research Centre
  • Completion Year

Project Description

Entering the interior places have adopted Nippon’s interior wall art texture sand glue paint system. More than a dozen effects such as sandblasting, flat rubbing, and markings complement each other, which fully interprets European art style.
Sand glue coatings are widely used in interior and exterior decoration of various architectural styles due to their rich colors and changeable shapes. The most outstanding feature is the decoration that breaks the boundaries of inspiration. Designers can make a variety of three-dimensional artistic effects based on templates or personal creativity, and match different color choices to create unique architectural effects. A variety of grid designs can be well matched with the modeling of the three-dimensional current pattern structure of European architecture.

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