A key step in NIPSEA Group’s commitment to a green future is realised by the successful commercialisation of our waterborne polyacrylate dispersion resin platform. With the aim of reducing solvent emissions, improving air condition, and bringing a healthier home to everyone, NIPSEA Group has been providing waterborne paints and coatings to the world for many years. Building on years of dedicated research, NIPSEA Group has gone one step further: In 2021,we have successfully commercialised a resin platform of waterborne polyacrylate dispersion. This raw material platform provides new technology, new material, less solvent, and better performance to many of our coatings. This new waterborne resin platform builds on the success of our waterborne polyurethane dispersion platform, and has greatly improved our in-house waterborne resin capability. It has also formed the foundation of our transition from solvent-borne coatings to waterborne coatings.

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