Employees are our biggest assets

Our employees are key to our long-term growth and success. We strive to empower and support our people in their professional and personal development through the provision of diverse advancement pathways, and building an environment where people stay fulfilled and supported by an inclusive culture.

We focus on three core dimensions aimed at empowering employees at all levels to succeed during their career with us. This ensures that we are powered by a dynamic and skilled workforce to be well positioned to take advantage of emerging opportunities and tackle challenges brought about by an ever-evolving business landscape.


We pride ourselves in embracing a diverse workforce comprising different genders, generations, nationalities, and expertise across regions to produce better business outcomes for customers and communities, while cultivating a sense of belonging and inclusion within the workforce.

In FY2020, the Group’s new hire rate measured 21.6%, an increase of 753 people as compared to the year before and the proportion of senior management at NIPSEA Group hired from local communities measured at 86.0%.


Employee safety is NIPSEA Group’s number one priority and we place great emphasis on the physical and mental well-being of our people. We achieve this through the enforcement of safe behaviours and the provision of good health and working conditions under local laws and regulations, as well as the Group’s Quality, Environment, Safety and Health (QESH) protocol. These policies set the company-wide tone that governs actions within the Group, including the interactions we have with our suppliers, customers or any other related third party. Occupational health and safety committees oversee the management of workplace safety, chaired directly by Senior Management.


NIPSEA Group adopts a Group-level learning framework that necessitates the holistic development of our employees with the relevant skills and competencies required at different job levels.

We provide an array of training and educational programmes in different functional areas, ranging from technical to leadership upskilling. Training programmes are tailored at the country level depending on the findings of a yearly training needs analysis. In FY2020, we administered a total of 341,448 training hours for our employees.

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